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Assembly Supervisor - Ex.#18317:

Supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in assembling wooden parts or assemblies to form sections, frames, or completed articles, using knowledge of wood products assembly processes. Analyzes work orders to define production schedules. Determines amounts of woodstock other materials required for assembly, based on production schedules and additionally requisitions materials from storage area. Prepares work tickets gives oral instructions to workers pertaining to type...


Assembly Supervisor Resume Sample (#18317)

Assembly Supervisor Resumes Samples

Inspector - Ex.#21477:

Inspects manufactured buildings for conformance to specifications during specified intervals of assembly line construction. Measures dimensions plus spacing of structural members in building components, like walls, floors, ceilings, closets windows for conformance to specifications, using square, plumb plus tape measure. Compares room dimensions, wall alignments, plumbing and additionally electrical elements with blueprints. Fills plumbing system with air to check for leaks, using air pump p...


Inspector Resume Sample (#21477)

Inspector Resumes Samples

Inspector - Ex.#13449:

Inspects magazines, periodicals, catalogs, pamphlets, and also rebound books for defects, like loose, torn, or wrinkled pages, missing staples, incorrect bindings, incorrect book cases, and also warped laminated paperback covers. Selects copies of publications from machine or table plus examines covers & copies for defects, like ragged edges, torn or wrinkled pages, incomplete cuts, incorrect bindings, incorrect casing material as well as color, author(s), titles, call numbers, dirt glue...


Inspector Resume Sample (#13449)

Inspector Resumes Samples

Inspection Supervisor - Ex.#10480:

Supervises as well as coordinates activities of workers engaged in inspecting testing glass products for conformance to specifications. Schedules test plus inspection activities, based on production estimates job change orders. Trains workers in test procedures. Examines samples of glass products for defects, using gauges micrometers. Reviews test reports as well as confers with department heads to correct defects revealed by inspection testing procedures. Requisitions supplies equipm...


Inspection Supervisor Resume Sample (#10480)

Inspection Supervisor Resumes Samples

Cut off machine Operator - Ex.#12258:



Cut off machine Operator Resume Sample (#12258)

Cut off machine Operator Resumes Samples

Cut off machine Operator - Ex.#11782:

Tends battery of automatic machines that cut lead wire into slugs to be swaged into bullets or bullet cores for small arms ammunition. Positions drum of wire at rear of machine plus threads wire over pulleys & through guides pull rollers to cutter. Adjusts stroke of cutoff knife to vary length of slugs, using screwdriver wrench. Starts machine observes operation for malfunction. Weighs sample slugs on scales to verify conformance to specifications. Empties replaces slug catch box....


Cut off machine Operator Resume Sample (#11782)

Cut off machine Operator Resumes Samples

Blower - Ex.#17303:

Tends machine that blows filler into stuffed-toy shells. Inserts precut supporting wire into shell. Places shell opening over stuffing machine nozzle. Depresses pedal to blow cotton or chopped foam rubber filler into shell to impart shape to toy. Places stuffed toy in tote box....


Blower Resume Sample (#17303)

Blower Resumes Samples

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