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What is a Job Resume?

A resume means life course. A job resume summarizes your work experience, your education and your skills. The purpose of the resume is to give the reader a quick overview of your profile. Therefore, the resume must be easy to understand and precisely formulated.

The resume together with the cover letter forms your application material. But the resume must in principle be able to stand alone, because several employers read this first and already here sort the applicants. In cases where you apply for a job without a specific job advertisement, the resume must also be able to speak for itself. We therefore recommend that you use your strength to prepare a solid and targeted resume every time you apply for a job.

The importance of a resume

The resume represents the business card that candidates send to companies to make themselves known. To be complete, the resume must include the candidate's professional experience, educational background, skills and aptitudes. The cresume is the presentation through which the company can get to know possible collaborators, influencing the first impression of recruiters towards a candidate: if this is positive it can lead to an interview, if negative it can lead to the definitive rejection of a profile.

The contents of the resume are of fundamental importance, and must highlight the job skills of the candidate applied to the job offer. All the qualifications and skills acquired must be listed, trying to personalize the resume as much as possible on the basis of the job offer to which you intend to respond. The resume should be concise, and not exceed three or four pages in length. The format of the document that is sent is also fundamental: it is always advisable to send a pdf or word file that is easily readable by any device.

Differences between Resume and Curriculum Vitae

The resume is a very similar document to the curriculum vitae except for some differences. However, the function of the resume is to summarize your skills and experiences in order to find a job.

Before writing the resume you need to know its characteristics. The first difference between resume and curriculum is the geographical spread ; the resume in fact is widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries, in particular the United States and Canada. On the contrary, the curriculum vitae is still the most requested document by European companies.

Other differences between resume and curriculum vitae are:

In particular, the resume is shorter than a curriculum vitae, it does not exceed a page, and in it the candidate tries to highlight his qualities. The typical structure of the curriculum vitae, on the other hand, has the function of making a detailed summary of the candidate 's experience : personal data, studies, professional experience, language skills and IT skills, including hobbies and personal interests.

The purpose of the resume is to hit almost instantly one who reads it, providing the most important information in a few lines and demonstrating that it's suitable to perform the job for which you are applying. In addition, the resume, CV for excellence in the United States, can be customized in a creative, always taking into account the work that you propose.

How do you write a resume?

Writing a good resume that out stands in the recruitment marketplace is a must! Your perferct resume isn't only one version, you must make an easy customizable resume to update it for future applications, as each resume version must target each job position you apply for.

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