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Stereotyper Resume Template
This free stereotyper job resume sample will help you to learn how to create, write and format a simple cv template for being able to build yours. View our simple resume example for stereotyper.

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Personal Information

- CV holder full name
- Address: country, city, zip-code
- Contact info: cell phone no, email

Career Objective

Resuming my career as "stereotyper" in an environment where I can express my experience and skills.

Professional Work Experience

Job Title: Stereotyper - Company: [ organization name ]
From: [ joining date ], To: [ leaving date ]. Reason of leave: Would be explained during the interview.

My Employment Responsibilities - were to:

1) Operate machines to press face of composed type plates into wood-fiber mat to form stereotype casting mold, pour molten metal into mold, and finish castings by cutting, shaving, and trimming to form plates for printing.
2) Drill matching holes in series of mounted color plates to be duplicated inserts pilot pins in base to register all plates to key plate for mat molding.
3) Lays sheet of mat paper on form or plates, covers assembly with molding blanket protective sheet and pushes assembly to self-feeding rollers of mat-rolling machine or into cavity of hydraulic press.
4) Adjust time, temperature, and pressure controls to form dry mold.
5) Cuts pastes pieces of paper felt or cardboard in large nonprinting areas of mat to prevent collapse during casting of plate.
6) Align notches mats of series with key color mat mold , using matching machine with monocolor magnifier attachment.
7) Align notches with pins of trimming machine pushes lever to trim three edges of mat simultaneously.
8) Lays mat on casting box platen arranges steel bars on three sides of mat to confine molten type metal.
9) Pour metal into casting box by hand or operates automatic stereotype plate-casting machine.
10) Trim plates to specified size [Plate Finisher print. pub. ].
11) Coat curved plates with nickel [Plater electroplating ].
12) May register series of color plates mats by transparent acetate overlay process.
13) May be designated according to task performed as Stereotype Caster print. and pub. , Stereotype Molder print. pub. ..

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