Electrical Tester Battery Resume Sample

Electrical Tester Battery Resume Template
This free electrical tester battery resume sample helps you to learn how to create, write and format a cv template for being able to build yours? View our simple career example.

Sample Electrical Tester Battery Resume Profile

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Resuming my career as "electrical tester battery" in an environment where I can express my experience and skills.


Job Title: Electrical tester battery - Company: [ organization name ]
From: [ joining date ], To: [ leaving date ]. Reason of leave: Would be explained during the interview.


1) Test storage batteries, using electric testing instruments.
2) Sets dials on testing instruments according to battery voltage.
3) Place positive & negative wired plugs on posts and intercell-connector terminals of corresponding polarity observes indicator on instrument that measures resistance capacity in terms of pass or reject.
4) Test rejected batteries to define specific defects, using voltmeter.
5) Compute comparative figures and test data to define deficiencies attaches slip to battery indicating type of defect.
6) May test battery assemblies on conveyor line.
7) May test batteries used in field equipment be designated Battery Tester, Field elec.

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