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Alum Plant Operator Resume Sample

Alum Plant Operator Resume Template
This sample alum plant operator resume shows you how to use the work history and professional experience, career responsibilities, and resume objective to build a simple cv document.
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Resuming my career as "alum plant operator" in an environment where I can express my experience.


Job Title: Alum plant operator - Company: [ organization name ]
From: [ joining date ], To: [ leaving date ]. Reason of leave: Would be explained during the interview.

Job Duties:

1) Control equipment to produce alum liquor aluminum sulfate in continuous process reaction of sulfuric acid with powdered bauxite.
2) Notify other workers to unload bauxite from boxcars into hopper of crusher.
3) Start crusher, mill and conveyors to replenish storage supply of powdered ore.
4) Observe flowmeters and turns valves to regulate flow of powdered ore, acid, and weak alum liquor into first digester in specified proportions to produce mixture of prescribed specific gravity and through other digesters where reaction occurs and resultant aluminum sulfate liquor is settled diluted to specified concentration.
5) Test samples from each digester, using hydrometer and thermometer, to verify specific gravities temperatures.
6) Turn valves to adjust flow of steam through digester jackets and proportions of materials fed into first digester to regulate temperatures specific gravities accordingly.
7) Pump finished alum liquor into storage tank weak alum liquors into settling tanks thickeners for recycling into process.
8) Record temperatures, specific gravities, and flow rates of materials in operating log level of alum liquor storage tanks on inventory records..

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