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" Always tricky, what job titles do you put on your resume or business card? If you choose to 'pimp' your job title, it can work to your disadvantage. "

Job Titles
Don't get carried away by coming up with an impressive job title. A number of tips for choosing the right job title. A job title should not communicate what a great person with many hobbies and interests you are, but essentially tell what you are making money with. In short; Use your work to stand out, not your job title. Simply tell what you are doing.

Avoid vague job titles that don't tell you anything about the work you do, such as 'creative', 'entrepreneur', or 'freelancer'.

Also don't give yourself higher (managerial) titles if, for example, you run a sole trader or do a freelance job, or if you actually have no other position than your colleague. Director, manager, Senior do not apply in these cases.

Don't choose too many words in your job title, choose a number (certainly not more than 2 or 3) words that cover the load, even if it does not describe everything you do.

Certainly don't use humorous job titles. This will undermine your work and you will often not be taken seriously.

Recommended: if you work as a freelancer or have your own company, you can also choose to state a service that you provide instead of your job title. For example 'web design'.

This is also a tip for non-self-employed persons with a specific service or expertise! In this way you see yourself more as a company or brand and this can be very effective. After all, you think from the customer in this way.

Also think about the visibility and findability of your job title. Find out which job titles are used within your industry. Using a job title in your resume that is tailored to the search behavior of recruiters is better found through search engines and databases.

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