Accounting Director Job Samples

Determine and set up the structure of accounting organization by function, by business or by legal entity; Define the legal and financial deadlines that must be respected; Recruit employees, monitor potential in order to optimize progress, involvement and behavior in team; Establishment of accounting procedures; Study, develop and harmonize the acc... Read More

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Accounting Executive Job Samples

Process, according to chart of accounts standard, dedicated accounting operations collection of customer invoices, payment of supplier invoices, financing of various charges and fixed assets; Create accounts receivable and supplier and ensure lettering, verify, process and record invoices; Follow customer collections and supplier payments, handle d... Read More

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Accounting Machine Operator Job Samples

Select the required accounting form type; Paying attention to characteristics of document to be transcribed and calculations to be carried out, in order to insert into the machine; Examines invoices, receipts and other receipts, verifying accuracy, in order to register them.... Read More

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Accounting Manager Job Samples

Maintain adherence to GAAP policies corporate financial policy. Provide for the implementation of new policies where appropriate. Provide systems which insure an adequate level of internal control the accuracy of cost financial data. Review all the financial controls that support inventory accuracy. Perform analytical reviews of cost financial da... Read More

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Accounting Methodologies Specialist Job Samples

Cooperation with independent accountant in determining the accounting methods and principles of entity; Creation and specification of methodology of accounting procedures in accounting for transactions related to entity; Providing professional methodological consultations; Control of accounting data in terms of formal correctness and links prescrib... Read More

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Accounting Office Manager Job Samples

Creating strategic and operational action plans for accounting office in short and long term; Supervising the implementation of strategic and operational action plans; Creating and supervising the implementation of business plans for selected customer groups and entire accounting office; Creating operational plans for individual clients and transla... Read More

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Accounting Specialist Job Samples

Organization of accounting in enterprise and institution; documentation of changes in value of property of enterprise or institution; Records of financial operations; running cost and results accounts, analyzing results; Balance sheet preparation and analysis; Preparation of financial statements and carrying out their controls and analyzes, includi... Read More

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Accounting Supervisor Job Samples

Monitor daily transactions, including accounts payable / receivable, general ledger, and bank reconciliations; Participate in periodic tax audits and payroll; Prepare budget reports and forecast revenue; Manage year-end and month-end closings; Monitor the daily performance of accounting department; Organize financial data into usable information an... Read More

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Accounting Technician Job Samples

Perform a wide variety of sub-professional tasks in maintaining auditing budgetary accounts. Analyze budget accounts for sources of monies to transfer. Modify or develops new recordkeeping methods in response to changes in the fiscal process. Confer with accountants and superiors on accounting procedures and systems makes recommendations on t... Read More

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Accounts Adjustable Clerk Job Samples

Compute corrected freight charges from waybill data, using comptometer, and posts corrections on freight bills. Correspond with other railroads to define accuracy of billing to arrange for settlement of adjusted accounts.... Read More

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