Abrasives Molder Job Samples

Choose the grinding wheel mold or grinding wheel, following the specifications or other instructions, to ensure the manufacture of abrasive tool, within the required shapes and dimensions; Fill the mold with necessary amount of abrasive and binding mixture, using pourers, to enable the material to be pressed; Transports the filled mold to press, po... Read More

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Abrasives Putty Maker Job Samples

Weigh the components of mixture, using special scales, to make the mixture within the required standards; Mix the components, using mechanical mixers and paying attention to convenient time, to obtain a homogeneous mass to be used in manufacture of abrasive tools; Removes the mixture, pouring the mixing contents into proper boxes, to enable further... Read More

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Abrasives Sales Representative Job Samples

Sell abrasive materials in granulated or pellet form, and abrasive products, like wheels, disks, and belts. Advise engineering, production and purchasing staffs on processes methods in use of abrasive materials. Determine abrasive requirements for specific grinding, buffing and polishing operations on metal, plastic, ceramics, or wood materials.... Read More

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Absorption and Adsorption Engineer Job Samples

Design equipment and devises chemical processes to remove and separate components of gas mixture or liquid solutions by absorption and adsorption, using knowledge of chemistry engineering. Devise processes directs workers, using equipment, like crushers, grinders, kilns, screens, pumps, compressors, pipelines, valves, tanks and separators... Read More

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Absorption Operator Job Samples

Control equipment that absorbs gases liquids into water or other solvents to produce chemicals, like hydrochloric acid or ammonium hydroxide. Start pumps, turns valves and observes flowmeters to control concentration, flow, temperature and quantity of coolant, gas, liquid and absorbing liquor through cooling absorption towers. Turn valves to regu... Read More

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Academic and Clinical Professor Assistant Job Samples

Maintain academic standards as established by the department, college, and university. Teach students in the clinical, laboratory and on-campus online classroom settings. Assume responsibility for the planning organization of courses to which assigned. Provide academic advising/counseling to assigned students. Participate in the development, im... Read More

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Academic Dean Job Samples

Develop academic policies programs for college or university. Direct and coordinates activities of deans chairpersons of individual colleges. Advise on personnel matters. Determine scheduling of courses recommends implementation of additional courses. Coordinate activities of student advisors. Participate in activities of faculty committees,... Read More

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Accelerator Operator Job Samples

Control operation of particle accelerator used in research experiments involving properties of subatomic particles. Communicate with accelerator maintenance personnel to make sure readiness of support systems, like vacuum, water cooling and radiofrequency power source. Set control panel switches, according to standard procedures, to route elect... Read More

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Acceptor Job Samples

Analyzing and assessing insurance or mortgage applications; Drawing up risk profiles; Preparing, calculating and checking quotations; Determining premiums, rates and conditions based on risk profile; Maintaining contact with customers and intermediaries; Processing 'policy' data and 'complex' changes in file; Providing advice to customers; Contribu... Read More

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Access Technician Job Samples

Perform repairs on an installation; Clean or maintain a facility; Perform inspection on an installation; Perform professional work such as surface treatment, insulation, pipe work and mechanical or technical work; Secure others or lead the security work.... Read More

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