Zoo Veterinarian Job Samples

Plan, directs, and participates in health care program of veterinary clinic in zoo. Establish and conducts effective quarantine testing procedures for all incoming animals for making sure health of collection, prevent spread of disease and comply with government regulations. Conduct regularly scheduled immunization & preventive care program... Read More

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Zookeeper Job Samples

Perform grooming tasks, such as coat care, dental care, shaving and washing; Moving animals between different enclosures; Cleaning and disinfecting animal houses or stables; Preparing and preparing food; Drawing up and maintaining feed lists; Monitor compliance with food and hygiene rules; Replenishing and checking stocks of feed and bedding; Feed;... Read More

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Zoological Assistant Job Samples

Planning, providing and managing professional work associated with breeding and care of animals, ensuring all-day supervision of animals; Compilation and control of quality and quantity of feed rations; Planning and comprehensive distribution of feed for all farm animals 'coordination of ongoing and long-term requirements for feed for animals withi... Read More

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Zoologist Job Samples

Study origin, interrelationships, classification, life histories, habits, life processes, diseases, relation to environment, growth development, genetics, and distribution of animals. Study animals in natural habitat collects specimens for laboratory study. Dissect & examines specimens under microscope and uses chemicals various types of s... Read More

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Zoologist Specialist Job Samples

Decision-making in matters of artificial breeding and euthanasia; Planning and implementation of professional supervision of work related to breeding and care of entrusted animals; Methodical guidance and professional supervision of animal husbandry; Determining conceptual plans and priorities for development of animal species with regard to operat... Read More

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Zoophysiotherapist Job Samples

Interviewing the animal's guardian; Examination of a veterinary patient; Developing an individual rehabilitation program adapted to disease entity and condition of veterinary patient; Performing physiotherapeutic procedures on a veterinary patient; Performing kinesiotherapeutic procedures on a veterinary patient; Performing massage in a veterinary ... Read More

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Zoopsychologist Job Samples

Conducting a conversation with owners of pet and, on basis of information obtained from them, explaining the cause of difficulty and problem and indicating optimal solutions; Observing the pet's behavior and environment in which it lives to better recognize the problem; Selecting and presenting to owner the specific behavior therapy that should be ... Read More

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Zootechnics Job Samples

Supervision of compliance with technological procedures in individual animal farms; Management and coordination of operational activities in relation to other sections of animal production; Determining the ways of housing animals in farms; Determination of feed rations according to species and categories of animals; Performing selection; Providing ... Read More

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