Mechanic Marine Engine Job Samples

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Basic Job Responsibilities of Mechanic Marine Engine Employees

Supervise and coordinates activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining propulsion engines other engines, boilers, deck machinery, and electrical, refrigeration, and sanitary equipment aboard ship. Inspect engines and other equipment orders crew to repair or replace defective parts. Start engines to propel ship & regulates engines power transmission to control speed of ship. Stand engine-room watch during specified periods, observing that required water levels are maintained in boilers, condensers, and evaporators, load on generators is within acceptable limits, and oil grease cups are kept full. Repair machinery, using handtools power tools. Be required to hold appropriate U.S. Coast Guard license, depending upon tonnage of ship, type of engines, and means of transmitting power to propeller shaft.

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Category: Job Samples, Tags: Mechanic, Marine, Engine