Abattoir Supervisor Job Samples

Supervise coordinates activities of workers engaged in slaughtering, skinning, and dressing cattle, hogs, and sheep on killing floor of abattoir. Direct trains workers in use of knife, air-knife, saws and other handtools. Inspect meat for specified color texture to verify conformity to government regulations. Set control timer to regulate convey... Read More

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Able Seaman Job Samples

Perform following tasks on board ship to watch for obstructions in vessels path and to maintain equipment structures. Stand watch at bow or on wing of bridge to look for obstructions in path of vessel. Measure depth of water in shallow or unfamiliar waters, using leadline and telephones or shouts information to bridge. Break out, rigs, overhauls... Read More

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Abrasive Band Winder Job Samples

Tend electrically powered or hand-cranked band-winding machine that joins and shapes precut backing strip with abrasive-coated strip by spirally winding strips on mandrel to produce grinding polishing tubes or cones. Apply adhesive to backing strip by handbrush or by automatic applicator attached to winding machine. Clip ends of backing strip a... Read More

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Abrasive Coating Machine Operator Job Samples

Set up operates machine to coat cloth, fiber, or paper with granules of abrasive material. Position machine guides stops on machine bed according to size of base material, using rule or template. Turn screws to adjust valve openings to regulate thickness of abrasive coating sprinkled on base material. Dump specified abrasive, like flint, garnet, ... Read More

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Abrasive Grader Job Samples

Operate pebble mill to grind emery, rouge, and other abrasives separates them according to fineness by water suspension method. Examine abrasive under microscope to define grinding time required and grinds abrasive in pebble mill. Turn valve to allow ground particles water to flow into agitator tank. Press button to start agitator which stirs par... Read More

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Abrasive Grinder Job Samples

Tend machine that faces grinds specified radii on abrasives. Set machine guides to regulate angle of feed of abrasive to grinder. Place abrasive in fixture manually feeds abrasive to grinding wheel, or starts machine that automatically feeds abrasive against grinder. Inspect abrasives for conformance to specifications, using fixed gauge micromet... Read More

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Abrasive Mixer Job Samples

Tend machine that mixes abrasive compounds for use in making polishing buffing wheels, and hones. Calculate amount of grit, clay and adhesive required according to formulas. Weigh out ingredients, dumps ingredients into mixing machine and starts mixing machine. Feel mixture and adds water resins until specified consistency is attained. Scoop mi... Read More

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Abrasive Mixer Helper Job Samples

Dump specified ingredients in mixing machine. Turn valve to drain finished mix from machine. Transport supplies products between plant locations, using handtruck.... Read More

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Abrasive Sawyer Job Samples

Tend machine equipped with circular diamond saw that cuts abrasive sticks stones for honing machines. Start machine flow of coolant. Press button to start feed mechanism that moves brick against diamond saw to cut abrasive sticks of specified dimensions. Measure cut stick, using micrometer. Remove burrs from stick, using file made of same materia... Read More

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Abrasive Wheel Molder Job Samples

Tend hydraulic press that molds synthetic abrasive disks, hones, and grinding wheels. Select mold parts according to size thickness of wheel desired and assembles parts to form mold. Weigh out specified amounts of abrasive compound & adhesive or activates automatic hopper that dumps specified quantity of abrasive mix into pan, pours compound int... Read More

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