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Laboratory Assistant Job Offer Letter Example

Offer Letter Example:
Laboratory Assistant Job Offer Letter Template
This laboratory assistant job offer letter example shows details such as how to sort recruiter & candidate details, position and duties, and list the proposed contract specs in your letter.
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Example for Laboratory Assistant

Dear Candidate:

We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for [ company/org. name ] as "laboratory assistant".

Job duties are to:

- Determine physical properties of greige finished cloth, employing standardized tests, equipment, and also procedure
- Measure width of cloth with ruler
- Guide electric knife along markings on cloth to cut fabric samples for testing
- Weigh sample on grain scales converts grain weight into desired units, using mathematical tables
- Count number of warp filling per unit space, using pick counter
- Position cloth sample between jaws of testing machine as well as moves machine controls to apply force necessary to rupture sample determine tensile strength of cloth
- Sews across sample, using portable sewing machine, and also examines stitching through magnifying lens to detect threads broken by sewing machine needle
- Crease sample under controlled conditions places sample in clamp on crease recovery tester to define cloth resiliency to creasing
- Record test results as well as reports variation from standards to Manager, Quality Control profess. kin.
- In addition, may perform other tests, like tear test, crimp test, fabric bow test, abrasion test, bursting test, heat transmission test, permeability test, and also water repellency test.

Financial Offer:

A) [ basic salary ]: the offered laboratory assistant position is at a [ salary/wage ]... of [ salary/rate per hour ] per [ period in year/month/ week or hour ].
B) [ compensations and benefits ]: your position compensations and benefits are: [ group insurance, dental care, health care, and transportation ],

Further information about the work:

A) [ reporting ]: you will report to [ supervisor job title ]
B) [ work hours ]: your working hours will start from [ start of working day time ] till [ end of working day time ]
C) [ vacations ]: your vacation is 2 days per week

We are delighted to send you this offer to be approved and signed from you in order to start the job from [ starting date ].

We look forward to join our company in order to work with you

[ Recruiter signature ]

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