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Travel Agent Job Offer Letter

Sample "Travel Agent" Offer Letter:
Travel Agent Job Offer Letter Template
This sample travel agent job offer letter shows details such as how to sort recruiter & candidate details, position and duties, and list the proposed contract specs in your letter.
Job Offer Letter Writing & Format Example

Dear Candidate:

We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for (company/org. name) as "travel agent".

Required job duties are to:

- Collect payment for transportation accommodations from customer
- Book transportation hotel reservations, using computer terminal or telephone
- Plan, describe, arrange, and also sell itinerary tour packages promotional travel incentives offered by various travel carriers
- Provide customer with brochures publications containing travel information, like local customs, points of interest, or foreign country regulations
- Print or request transportation carrier tickets, using computer printer system or system link to travel carrier

Our financial proposal:

A) (basic salary): the offered travel agent position is at a (salary/wage)... of (salary/rate per hour) per (period in year/month/ week or hour).
B) (compensations and benefits): your position compensations and benefits are: (group insurance, dental care, health care, and transportation),

Further information about the work:

A) (reporting): you will report to (supervisor job title)
B) (work hours): your working hours will start from (start of working day time) till (end of working day time)
C) (vacations): your vacation is 2 days per week

We are delighted to send you this offer to be approved and signed from you in order to start the job from (starting date).

We look forward to join our company in order to work with you

(Recruiter signature)

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