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HR Manager Job Letter & Resume Template (#960)

Hr Manager Resume Template (#960)
The hr manager job cover letter and resume template examples show you how to use the work experience, career objective and job responsibilities to build a simple cv and job letter documents.
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» Hr Manager Cover Letter Example
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Dear Hiring Manager:

I'm submitting a letter to express my strong desire to be considered for the position of "hr manager" being offered by [ organization name ]. I fully believe I'm qualified to fill the position and make great contributions to encourage the growth of organization.

A brief review of my career working experience will reveal what I can contribute to [ organization name ]:

I have 47 years old, finished B.Sc commerce from the faculty of commerce, with a total working experience of 14 to 15 years, summarized as: assistant human resources manager for one year, and from 13 years started working as hr manager.

I'm convinced that I can provide you with the detailed information needed for you to see what positive contributions I could make if given the chance to come in for an interview.

At your earliest convenience please contact me at 323.937.3931, or send me an email.

[ Applicant name ]

» Hr Manager Resume Template

Professional experience:

Hr manager employee from [ joining date ] till [ leaving date ]


Human resources planning; assessing the companys future staffing requirements over the short, med and long term; liaising with the companys senior management to determine their human requirements; producing a comprehensive human resources plan for the companys expansion in the next year, recruitment selection; Prepares lists of new positing authorized in company manpower budget department wise and co ordinates with concerned managers regarding specific dates for recruitment on those positions as well as particular specification required; Manages recruitment operation for authorized positing at agrees specific dates this includes preparing advertisement material, job profiles; selecting media in co operation with public relation and receiving applications, reviews and screen applications; Prepares short list of candidates and passes to concerned department manager for his review and comment send reject letters for other applications as feasible; Arranges interviews for short listed candidate as agreed with concerned department manager ensuring that candidate complete company applications form prior to interview time fully supported with official document; Attends interview as required and takes proper measures for the employment of selected candidates including discussion of salary and benefits assigned for the job and preparing employment offers and contract to be approves by direct supervisor and concerned department manager in line with company policies and procedures; Advises concerned department and supervisor of candidates approval of the upon signing work contract expected joining date; Controls date of probation according to employment contracts completes proper from and dispatches to concerned manager prior to end of probation period, training development; Managing various human resources development and training activities to raise productivity of current company staff and to provide proper skills required for future operations of the company; Designs career development plans for potential employees and prepares proper career path for each of them this includes analyzing job profiles, skills assessment, selection of training courses and or education, setting time schedules, and interval evaluation procedures; Designs proper staff development and training computer programs to facilitate and expedite work according to high professional standards; prepares annual budget estimates for development and training activities; Controls annual performance appraisal for all company staff in line with approved company policies and procedures this includes processing appraisal forms for each employee in due time, coordinating with concerned managers as required; following up on completion of forms at assigned dates, reviewing them to assess training needs; Prepares and conducts training courses in management for company staff of all levels and co operated with highly qualified professionals to develop tailored training courses in technical areas as required; Arranges and implements in house training seminars courses of technical nature for all concerned staff member pertaining to new products services in close co ordination with involved departments in the company as and when required; Recommends approves training courses for company employees and authorizes settlement of fees tuitions and training allowances according to company training policies, rules and regulations; Evaluates training programs attended by company staff bases on feedback information stated in trainees reports, compensation benefits; designs and implements the structure of the compensation and benefit included salaries, bonus, cars, mobiles, conducts a salary survey, personnel, managing; implementing and controlling personnel policies and procedures in line with the corporate guidelines; accurately administered personnel records which included detailing of attendance, leaves of absence, vacations and salary increases; developed detailed operational procedures manual hand book; Maintains personnel files for all company staff ensuring updating data and filing documents in proper files required opens new files for new employees in due time, re structuring manpower; interviewing company personnel to define jobs they occupied plus duties and skills they have; writing a technical report about each employee indicating his present job; skills and ability to continue and adapt to the system of the company; defining training needs required by every employee and setting the specified training program; as for personnel not continuing to work in the company, compensations for end service are set; Besides a special training program is arranged to raised their skills to help them find other jobs away from the company; reframing the organizational chart of work in the company; assisting in developing the new database for the company; rewriting new job description according to the new company organizational chart; Holding a group of seminars for awareness parallel with the technical training programs new concepts in the work environment, outsourcing; Marketing the services of the outsourcing in the field of the human resources among the multinational companies; handling all the aspects of the outsourcing select the right manpower, contract, medical care, transfer salaries and all the other issues, administration; supervises the office administration office maintenance, contracts, security, purchasing of office supplies furniture, cleaning, catering, database; creating an effective and integrating hr database covering all aspects of hr data personnel, recruitment, development, attendance, vacation, performance appraisal, etc; using ready made package kazper and tailored it according to company needs.


B.Sc, Commerc, business administration sectio, commerce faculty, clorado universit, 6/199.


Resuming my career as - hr manager - in a company where I can express my skills and experience.

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