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Searching for free resume templates downloads? in this page you'll find free resume examples in word and pdf format beside some guide about the use of resume templates.
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Free Resume Templates Downloads

Why using a resume template?

With a resume template you can make a quick start with your resume and layout!

With a resume template you only have to adjust personal and content data to your situation. This saves you a lot of time figuring out the right resume format and layout of the various resume components. With a resume template you are sure to include a resume with your application, which contains main elements that should be included in it.

In addition to the traditional resume templates, it'll be an added value to use more creative resumes "Your creativity and distinction are appreciated"; The use of a more modern resume layout and design is a strong key increases your opportunities when applying for jobs. The following resumes can be downloaded for free in .pdf and .doc format.

Free Resume Template - Example #1

I recommend this resume for persons have a direct work without the need of lot descriptions of their roles, such as workers and laborers of manufacturing machines.

Free Resume Template #1

Free Resume Template - Example #2

I recommend admin and secretarial (executives) employees to use this one, it gives an impression that the applicant has a good organization skills!.

Free Resume Template #2

Free Resume Template - Example #3

This resume is recommended for a less experienced person or student who looks after training.

Free Resume Template #3

Free Resume Template - Example #4

The blue indicates lot of professions, I do recommend this one for engineers, internet related careers such as web developers/designers, and I think it works also for doctors as well for hospitalilities careers.

Free Resume Template #4

Free Resume Template - Example #5

This resume is recommended for managers and directors as it uses gray and white colors.

Free Resume Template #5

Please note: The recommendations represent only my opinion, use the one that you believe it fits you better!

The perfect resume? 10 tips!

Our resume writing experts say "To reach the perfect resume you must give your care for both, the layout - template - and the content!". Now after downloading the free templates we give you the top advice in ten steps for helping you to reach the best resume.

1- What does your resume say?

Start by stating your personal details (name, address, place of residence, age) and make a short description about yourself. Below you state, depending on the type of resume, your work experiences, training and courses. Your most recent experience is most relevant for the employer, so choose a reverse chronological order: start by mentioning your last position or training and work back to the past.

2- First-person singular

Your resume gives you the opportunity to tell something about yourself, so you write this story in the first-person singular. Keep it personal and avoid writing in the third person as: "Mark is commercially strong and very active, he shows a lot of initiative." Change that to: "I'm commercially strong and very active."

3- Work experience or education first?

It's a question that concerns many job seekers: "Do you first name your study programs or your work experience on your resume?" That depends on your career so far. Have you just graduated and don't have much work experience? Then first name your studies in a training-based resume. If you work a little longer, the work you have done becomes more important than your education. In that case you opt for a resume based on work experience. When you have fulfilled various functions, you can also choose to make a skills resume. It's important that you consciously choose the type of resume.

4- Adjust your resume for the vacancy or job you are looking for

Don't use a standard resume when applying for a position. Make sure that you tailor each application to the position. When describing your duties and training, focus on those components that match the job you are applying for.

If you want to upload your resume to a resume database, i'is smart to compile your resume, focusing on the jobs you would like and use terms and skills that match this.

5- State your success

Not only tell what your work consisted of at your previous employer, but also let us know what you achieved with your work. Show results. For example, did you work in sales? State then how much revenue you have generated, or what percentage you are on average above your target.

6- Name your skills

Your previous job titles tell relatively little about what skills you have. In addition to naming your job title, it's important to provide a description of your job where your skills are also clearly expressed. If you're an account manager in field sales, you are probably more customer-friendly, communicative and you can think in terms of solutions for the customer. This way you will be found more easily in the resume database. You can also look for skills that are important for the vacant position.

7- Use general keywords

Some companies have highly creative job titles for jobs that usually have a somewhat duller name. Check your resume for more generally recognized titles in your work experience to create clarity for the recruiter who sees your resume.

8- A striking resume

Recruiters are confronted with piles of resumes every day. Make sure yours stands out. You can do that, for example, by paying attention to the layout or by placing a link in your resume to a personal website with your portfolio. Also think of links to your (professional) social media profiles.

9- Length

There is no ideal length for a resume. It is important that you show the best of yourself in this way. Sometimes, certainly as a starter, you can do that in one page and others use two or three pages. Bear in mind that the recruiter receives many resumes and often doesn't have the time to read everything carefully. Clear but short is best, try to keep it at a maximum of three A4 pages.

10- Have your resume proofread

Everyone sometimes makes a typing or spelling mistake, but your resume says it's particularly sloppy and it's a reason for many recruiters to reject someone. So pay attention to your spelling and always have someone else read your resume.

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