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What is a Job Cover Letter?

A job cover letter is a bit like the packaging of your resume, it's in fact the first thing that the recruiter will have in front of his eyes and from which he can understand why you are worth more than the other candidates. It is therefore important to pay close attention to the writing so that it's an effective job cover letter. First of all it's necessary to adapt the cover letter to the company you are proposing to, customizing it from time to time according to the type of job you are applying for. As with resume, the goal is to show the recruiter that you are competent and interesting, but above all in line for the position being considered.

What is a Resume?

A resume or CV is the document that presents your professional and educational experience, your skills and attitudes: your resume will be the first evaluation tool by the company when you have responded to the job offer or sent a 'self-nomination. A well-made resume combined with an effective cover letter, can be decisive in getting an interview with the employer.

Resume and cover letter: a difference of objective?

The main difference between a resume and a cover letter is the purpose of these two documents. A resume is indeed a summary of your career, both academic and professional. In just a few seconds, the recruiter must understand your history, in particular by highlighting your professional experiences, your studies and your skills. This is why, unlike the cover letter, the resume must be concise, concise and powerful in order to hold the employer's attention from the first glance.

Unlike the resume, the cover letter is much more developed. It must indeed explain in more detail the main information of your resume, in particular by using concrete examples on your previous experiences or by indicating the interest of a particular training present on your resume. The cover letter will also serve to explain your interest in the position and in the company. It is therefore natural that it will be more explicit and argued.

What I have to learn for writing a professional resume?

In order to prepare writng a professional resume, you have to learn about the following topics:

  • Important fundamentals in terms of CV writing.
  • Golden rules of writing and choice of layout.
  • How to write a teaser.
  • List your professional experience
  • Mention your specific skills on your CV
  • Mention your training
  • Additional Topics and Improvements
  • Include important references
  • Add a cover letter
  • Remember to correct and don't forget to save

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