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Winder Job Description Duties

Tends machine that presses trimming material winds material onto spools. Inserts end of trimming between heated rollers fastens end to takeup spool with tape, pins, or glue. Starts & regulates rotation of machine rollers that press wind trimming material. Guides smooths material as material is drawn into rotating rollers to prevent tangling. Turns valve to admit steam into rollers to steam press cloth as required....

Puncher Job Description Duties

Tends nailing, slugging, stapling, or tacking machine that attaches shoe parts, like heel, insole, and also shank to partially assembled shoes. Aligns parts on bed of machine, or positions them under machine head. Depresses pedal that lowers holding device, or holds parts against guide. Depresses pedal or lever that drives fasteners into parts. Fills hopper of nailing or tacking machine, or replaces wire spool on spindle of slugging or stapling machine. May brush cement onto parts prior to joini...

Framer Job Description Duties

Attaches hinged metal frames to leather or fabric handbags. Spreads grooves in frame, using automatic opening device or pliers. Brushes cement into grooves. Trims edges corners of bag fabric, using scissors. Clamps frame in frame-tightening device, and also pushes edges as well as corners of bag into grooves with fingers punch. Depresses pedal of tightening device to pinch sides of grooves around edges corners of bag fabric. May be designated according to type of handbag framed as Coin-Purs...

Table Worker Job Description Duties

Performs any combination of following tasks in stitching room, using handtools. Cements doubles (cloth backing) together. Brushes cement on shoe parts. Counts number of parts verifies total against work ticket....

Autoclave Operator Job Description Duties

Tends autoclave that steamsets hosiery or knitted garments into permanent shape. Stacks articles on machine trays, smooths wrinkles by hand plus pushes trays into autoclave. Turns thumbscrews to seal machine door presses buttons to start automatic steaming cycle. Removes steamed articles from autoclave at end of steaming cycle inserts them into bags for further processing. Trucks bagged articles to storage area. Records number of articles steamed bagged....

Cutting machine Operator Job Description Duties

Cuts, stores, and also issues revenue stamps labels. Turns hand screws on paper-cutting tool to tighten paper guide that holds sheets of stamps or labels in position. Pulls knife down by hand or steps on treadle that lowers knife to cut sheets. Sharpens knife by rubbing it with abrasive stone. Records number of sheets cut sequence of serial numbers of revenue stamps. Stocks cut revenue stamps labels, and also issues them on request. May be designated according to type of paper item cut as Rev...

Inspector Job Description Duties

Inspects finished or in-process dry cell or storage batteries for defects, like dents, scratches, short electrodes, or missing parts. Examines batteries to detect defects places defective batteries in box. May test batteries, using voltmeters ammeters. May replace damaged parts....

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