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Careers Job Descriptions

Administrative Manager - Ex.#25927:

Oversee all administrative functions within the organization. Responsible for customer service, inventory control processes, branch level HR functions, A/R, A/P month-end reporting. Participate as active member of the organization leadership team, assisting with the creation & implementation of strategic tactical objectives as necessary for the organization to reach goals. Function as organization HR representative, working closely with Corporate HR staff to make sure proper processing of al...


Administrative Manager Job Description

Administrative Manager Job Descriptions

Payroll Administrator - Ex.#25553:

Assist with the gathering, reviewing, and also selecting of input data needed for payroll. assist with the printing of the associates pay statements other required payroll reports. Assist with the putting together wage assignments per court order through the use of the payroll system, provide accurate precise withholdings not to exceed the individuals disposable earnings per the consumer credit protection act. Receive, scrutinize, enter associates new/changed withholding forms prepare the wit...


Payroll Administrator Job Description

Payroll Administrator Job Descriptions

Technical Assistant - Ex.#9330:

Prepares culture media used to develop vaccines toxoids or to conduct chemical, microscopic, and also bacteriologic tests. Measures weighs ingredients, like food source, chemicals, preservatives plus vitamins, to prepare growth medium, using scales, graduated flasks, syringes, pipettes plus standard formulas. Adjusts controls of equipment, like pumps, filters, steam kettles and additionally autoclaves, to obtain uniform consistency of sterile medium. Removes sample of medium from batch tests...


Technical Assistant Job Description

Technical Assistant Job Descriptions

Clinical Psychologist - Ex.#25989:

Responsible for assessing clients needs, abilities or behavior using a variety of methods, including psychometric tests, interviews direct observation of behavior. Responsible for devising monitoring appropriate programs of treatment, including therapy, counseling or advice, in collaboration with colleagues,. Offer therapy & treatments for difficulties relating to mental health problems like anxiety, depression, addiction, social as well as interpersonal problems challenging behavior. Car...


Clinical Psychologist Job Description

Clinical Psychologist Job Descriptions

Assistant Accountant - Ex.#25870:

Facilitate the timely as well as accurate data entry process for all subcontracts, subcontractor applications, change orders, general conditions expense reports. Proof all batches for making sure accuracy plus distribute to the accountant for final review authorization/approval to post. Assist accountant in preparation of application for payment. Assist accountant in the preparation/maintenance of all financial reports associated related....


Assistant Accountant Job Description

Assistant Accountant Job Descriptions

Medical Technologist - Ex.#26015:

Perform routine specialized tests in one or various sections of the clinical laboratory, independently or with minimal supervision. Recognize the clinical significance of each test performed. Report results within established time frames. Support Continuous Quality Improvement as well as customer service goals through modeling of appropriate behavior by providing a work environment conducive to attaining goals. Follow testing procedures as well as policies in the performance of routine sp...


Medical Technologist Job Description

Medical Technologist Job Descriptions

Management Trainee - Ex.#3064:

Performs assigned duties, under direction of experienced personnel, to gain knowledge experience required for promotion to management positions. Receives training plus performs duties in several departments, like credit, customer relations, accounting, or sales, to become familiar with line & staff functions, operations, management viewpoints plus company policies practices that affect each phase of business. Observes experienced workers to acquire knowledge of methods, procedures and addi...


Management Trainee Job Description

Management Trainee Job Descriptions

Server Administrator - Ex.#25492:

Participate in as well as support capacity planning plus the development of long-term strategic goals for systems and software in conjunction with end-users department managers. Coordinate with network engineering, business application plus database administration functions to implement desktop server systems that utilize industry best practices to meet corporate objectives. Deploy workstations, servers, printers, scanners, firewalls, encryption systems and additionally all host security...


Server Administrator Job Description

Server Administrator Job Descriptions

Accounting Assistant - Ex.#25792:

Assist with maintaining various monthly financial accounting activities. Assist with maintaining various financial schedules, reports analysis. Assist with the budget, including receiving, recording reviewing budgets. Create file budget documents. Help maintaining all receipts, expenditures, payables deposits. Responsible for order inventory entry, tracking, reporting as directed by Accountant. Develop tracking of customer business, promotions sales reporting. Provide assistance support t...


Accounting Assistant Job Description

Accounting Assistant Job Descriptions

Financial Controller - Ex.#25776:

Manage budget preparation as well as all fiscal operations, including AR/AP, payroll bookkeeping. Consistently analyze financial data plus present financial reports in an accurate timely manner. Enhance cash flow systems & manage day-to-day finances expenses. Maintain policies as well as procedures to make sure compliance financial data integrity. Assist human resources with benefits enrollment on-boarding process for new talent....


Financial Controller Job Description

Financial Controller Job Descriptions

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