Car Speed Controller Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'car speed controller' include: Regulates the speed of cars by braking them with brake shoes; He fences and secures the cars standing on tracks with brake shoes and removes them; Participates in deposition and coupling of cars on tracks of sorting park; Provides traffic safety of cars and cargoes during performance of works; Removes brake shoes from the tracks and lifts them to brake positions; Keeps brake positions and shoe throwers clean; Replaces faulty brake shoes.

Job Requirements

Job description of train assembler and his assistant; Rules of cargo transportation; Rules and norms of labor protection and safe work; Technical-administrative act and technological process of station operation in part concerning its work; Structure of brake shoes and devices for their installation on rails, rules of attitude and removal of brake shoes from rails, location of brake positions, plan and profile of sorting tracks, their specialization and capacity, running qualities of cars, order of braking cars in different weather conditions to ensure necessary intervals between couplings and admissible speed of cars in sorting park.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Car, Speed, Controller