Aviation Medicine Doctor Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'aviation medicine doctor' include: Provides medical support for professional activities of aviation personnel at all stages of flight operations and medical control in inter-flight period; Monitors the implementation of recommendations of medical and flight certification commissions; Prepares the flight crew for medical certification; Provides qualified outpatient care, provides emergency and planned hospitalization of patients, sends them for consultations to specialists and for extraordinary medical certification; Conducts a scheduled medical examination of flight crew, dispensary supervision, preventive vaccinations; Supervises side effects / actions of drugs; Participates in training on aviation specialists' simulators, in training aviation personnel on use of special equipment and means of protection, operation of oxygen-breathing equipment, work of commissions on selection of aviation personnel for training on new aircraft and work in new extreme conditions, flight analysis, determination preconditions of flight accidents and erroneous actions of aviation personnel, which are related to state of health; conducting forensic medical examination; Provides recommendations on rational use of aviation personnel, the implementation of different in nature and complexity of flight tasks, mode of operation, flight load, rest; Does not allow flights due to health of flight crew members; Analyzes the morbidity and injuries of flight crew, makes recommendations for their prevention; Maintains medical records; Adheres to principles of medical deontology; Manages the work of paramedics; Takes an active part in dissemination of medical knowledge among flight crew; Constantly improves his professional level.

Job Requirements

Current legislation on health care and regulations governing the organization of medical care for aviation personnel; Basics of law in medicine; Rights, duties and responsibilities of an aviation doctor; Basics of medical-biological and clinical sciences, modern methods of examination, aviation medicine, aviation psychology, physiology; Sanitary and hygienic conditions of flight activity; Mode of work, conditions of food and rest of flight crew; Basics of application and impact on human body of simulators, special equipment and means of protection during flights; Basics of operation and results of application of oxygen-breathing equipment; Methods of sanitary-educational work and promotion of a healthy lifestyle; Rules of registration of medical documentation.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Aviation, Medicine, Doctor