Abrasive Product Manufacturing Worker Job Description

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Job Summary
Mixes, presses, forms and melts raw materials and other substances used in manufacture of abrasives, using processes and equipment appropriate to these operations, to obtain grinding wheels, sandpaper and other abrasive instruments to be used in machining of metals, marble, granite and wood
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'abrasive product manufacturing worker' include: Performs the weighing and mixing of various components, such as silicon carbide, emery, aluminum oxide, diamond, resins, lead and siliceous, vitrified or elastic binder and other materials, selecting them according to product to be produced and bringing them together. those in specified quantities, using manual or mechanical scales and mixers, to obtain an abrasive substance to be used in manufacture of abrasive grinding wheels; Molds the abrasive substance, pouring into special molds and compressing using mechanical, hydraulic or electrical presses or manual punches, to obtain products with required shape and compatibility; Puts the pressed abrasive products, using own effort or a mechanized process, using ovens of different kinds, such as the electric one, oven with flames and others to give the products perfect consistency and agglutination; Metalizes the central hole of grinding wheel, using foundry tools, guides and other tools, to facilitate the adaptation and centering of grinding wheel to machine and elimination of mechanical vibrations; Grinds the grinding wheel, using a grinder and other special tools, to give the surface finish and required dynamic balance.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Abrasive, Product, Manufacturing, Worker