Etching Glass Engraver Job Description

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Job Summary
Engraves decorative drawings, scales, numerals and numbers on glass pieces, using etching, to mark or decorate glass pieces
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'etching glass engraver' include: Traces the design on a layer of wax that covers the glass, perforating this layer with tracing instruments, until reaching the glass, to expose the grooved surface to corrosive action of acid, during the bath; Prepares the etching bath, bringing together components in defined proportions, to enable recording; Engraves the design on glass, submerging in an acid bath or exposing the exposed surface to action of gases, to mark or beautify the piece; Rinse the engraved piece, washing afterwards in cold water to eliminate the acid; Wash the piece in hot water, bathing by immersion or jet, to get rid of wax that covers.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Etching, Glass, Engraver