Collector of Public Transport Job Description

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Job Summary
Collects tickets in public transport vehicles, controlling the movement of passengers, informing the price, receiving payment for tickets and making change, to ensure the company's operating revenue
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'collector of public transport' include: Charges the tickets to users, collecting the amount determined by the distance to be covered, to obtain the amount related to service provided to passengers by the company; Examines passes presented, verifying authenticity, to avoid irregularities and control use; Determines the collection, carrying out a survey of vacation period, comparing with movement of passengers and recording and presenting the amount obtained, to enable the company to account for it; Provides general information to passengers, instructing them about itineraries and places where the vehicle stops, in order to guide them; Assists the driver in collective maneuvers and departures, indicating, with bell, the opportune time for passengers to overtake and board, to ensure greater safety in operations.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Collector, Public, Transport