Acoustics Technician Job Description

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Job Summary
Performs acoustic measurements in recording studios, concert halls, multi-functional rooms and open spaces; takes noise measurements; performs acoustic adaptation of rooms with various purposes and performs acoustic insulation for industry; identifies the authenticity of recordings and other acoustic phenomena for purposes of judiciary; supports sound equipment; shapes the sound image.
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'acoustics technician' include: Measurements of room acoustics and open space; Noise measurements: in environment 'road, railway, aviation and industrial noise', industrial machinery and equipment, at workplaces; Performing round-the-clock noise monitoring measurements on streets, indoors, etc; Making noise measurements in audible frequency band, measurements of infrasound and ultrasonic noise, insulation of cabins and casings; Supervising the installation of acoustic panels on highways, viaducts, ring roads, etc; Performing acoustic adaptation or modernization of various types of interiors: concert, conference and lecture halls, offices, flats in cooperation with architectural studios; Selection of appropriate finishing materials: acoustic ceilings, wall panels to absorb noise, partition walls 'also glass', soundproofing floor materials; Using the manuals for electro-acoustic devices; Planning and implementation of sound system and placement of sound devices in cooperation with a sound engineer; Selecting and placing sound equipment at concerts and outdoor events; Determining the efficiency and suitability of devices and auxiliary equipment for performance of sound systems for concerts and outdoor events.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Acoustics, Technician