Chief Custodian of Funds Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'chief custodian of funds' include: Ensures the integrity and inviolability of museum valuables in operation of museum and depository; Organizes strict accounting of museum funds; On the basis of current regulations manages the work on accounting, storage, conservation and restoration of museum values; Organizes work to identify museum objects in need of restoration, as well as activities to ensure the preservation of funds; Develops measures aimed at improving, storing and accounting for museum collections, improving restoration work; Organizes planning of work on preservation, development of schedules of carrying out restoration works, timely drawing up of applications for necessary materials and equipment; Develops rules and instructions that determine the organization of accounting, protection and storage of funds, the issuance of museum exhibits for exhibitions in accordance with requests of institutions and organizations, as well as the work of visitors to repository; Prepares for publication catalogs of collections, reviews of materials of fund, methodical recommendations; Conducts research work, gives lectures and reports at meetings, conferences and seminars of museum workers, conducts consultations; Controls the observance by employees of museum instructions, production and labor discipline, rules and norms of labor protection, fire protection; Organizes accounting and established reporting; He is the chairman of restoration council.

Job Requirements

Current legislation in field of culture; Normative and guiding materials on museum work; The order of accounting and storage of museum funds; Technology of restoration of exhibits; Basics of museum studies; Storage equipment; Best practices of domestic and foreign museums; Rules and norms of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Chief, Custodian, Funds