Censorship Technician Job Description

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Job Summary
Coordinates, guides and carries out the work of censorship of public entertainment and of advertisements and advertising of any nature, carrying out studies and prior examinations of respective schedules, in order to enforce the laws, decrees and regulatory provisions in force
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'censorship technician' include: Develops studies related to censorship activities and public entertainment, collecting and analyzing data and results from the application of censorship in order to contribute to establishment of new methods and techniques in area of; Its specialization; Performs the prior examination of any programming related to public entertainment shows, including singing or recitation texts intended for recording discs, carrying out readings and analyzes in light of rules in force, to identify any transgressions, make the necessary cuts, release the programming or vetoing it, when applicable; Performs prior censorship of cinematographic films and plays, texts from books, magazines and other publications, and broadcasting texts, watching special screenings or carrying out critical readings and analyzes of matter, proposing amendments and cuts or bans on disclosure to meet legal requirements; Proceeds with prior examination of advertisements of any nature, taking into account the legal provisions in force, in order to interdict or release them.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Censorship, Technician