Chief Inspector of Labor Protection Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'chief inspector of labor protection' include: Carries out control over observance at the enterprises, in establishments and organizations irrespective of patterns of ownership of current legislation, rules, standards, norms, provisions, instructions on labor protection, industrial sanitation, fire safety and environmental protection granting to employees of established privileges and compensations provided labor; Supervises the state of construction projects 'reconstruction, technical re-equipment' of enterprises and production facilities, development of new technologies, means of production, means of collective and individual protection of workers and compliance with their regulations on labor protection; Participates in commissioning of production facilities; Supervises the availability and implementation of projects for geological exploration, development of mineral deposits and construction of underground structures, measures to prevent and eliminate the harmful effects of mining on buildings and structures, as well as the timeliness of transfer of minerals for industrial development; Controls compliance with procedure for storage, transportation, use and accounting of toxic, flammable and harmful substances; Participates in technical inspection and testing of facilities, boiler inspection, gas complex, lifting structures and other facilities for their compliance with established safety requirements; Develops and implements the labor protection management system in accordance with laws and regulations; Familiarizes employees with working conditions, as well as benefits and compensation to be received by the employee for harmful working conditions; Supervises the timely provision of workers with overalls, footwear and other personal protective equipment and their maintenance in accordance with regulations, as well as the provision of workers with tools for occupations and types of work; Controls the status of briefing, training and certification of employees on health and safety, certification of jobs for their compliance with norms and rules of labor protection; Carries out work on supervision over the correctness of payment by enterprises and organizations of fines for accidents and occupational diseases that occurred at work due to their fault; Carries out special investigations of accidents, occupational diseases and accidents at work, controls the accounting and analysis of these events, as well as develops proposals for prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and occupational injuries; Carries out informational and explanatory work at controlled enterprises and organizations on requirements of law of country 'on labor protection' and takes appropriate measures to comply with it; Participates in development of proposals to improve working conditions and safety at controlled enterprises and organizations, as well as in work of commission for certification of jobs; Prepares answers to inquiries of citizens on issues within its competence; Prepares reports in terms and forms established by statistical bodies; The constitution of country; acts of legislation concerning the civil service and activities of relevant executive body; decrees of president of country, resolutions and orders of unicameral parliament of country, the cabinet of ministers of country, other normative legal acts regulating the development of relevant sphere 'branch' of state economy; the procedure for preparing and submitting draft laws and regulations; basics of public administration and law; instructions on record keeping; rules of business etiquette; rules and norms of labor protection and fire protection; basic principles of computer work and related software.

Job Requirements

Acts of legislation relating to civil service and activities of relevant executive body, other regulations governing the work of state labor protection inspection; Resolutions, orders of management; Main technological processes of production; Features of operation of machines, equipment, etc; System of labor safety standards; Methods and forms of propaganda of information on labor protection, safety; Basics of economics, labor organization, production and management; Basics of labor legislation; Rules of business etiquette; Basic principles of computer work and related software.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Chief, Inspector, Labor, Protection