Chief Feeder Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'chief feeder' include: Organizes the introduction into production of advanced, economically sound technological processes and modes of operation of equipment that ensure efficient use of grain, production assets, reduce production costs, improve its quality and increase productivity; Ensures the production of quality standard products 'flour', compliance with rules of organization and conduct of technological process; development and implementation of technological processes that correspond to level of modern technology, mechanization and automation, as well as technological equipment that improve the quality of manufactured products, labor productivity and production efficiency; timely development of design capacities; development of all technological documentation and control over its application in shops and sections of enterprise; Considers and approves changes made to technical documentation in connection with adjustment of technological processes and modes of operation of equipment, as well as innovation proposals and inventions relating to production technology; Monitors the implementation of long-term and annual plans of technological preparation of production, strict adherence to established technological processes, detects violations of technological discipline and takes measures to eliminate them; Manages the development of measures to prevent shortages, development of new equipment, new high-performance processes, calculations of production capacity and equipment load, increase the technical level of production and coefficient of variability of equipment, the introduction of progressive labor costs, raw materials, fuel and electricity for production, reducing the material consumption of products and complexity of its production; conducting research and experimental work to improve techniques and technologies for production of cereals; Participates in development and implementation of measures for integrated mechanization and automation of cereal shops, modernization of technological equipment, reducing the time of development of new machinery and technology, rational use of production capacity, reducing energy and material consumption, improving production efficiency, improving product quality, scientific labor organization, certification and rationalization of jobs; in development of plan of production, projects of reconstruction of enterprise; in industrial tests of new types of machines and equipment, means of mechanization and automation of production; in work of commissions for acceptance of systems and equipment into operation; Coordinates and directs the activities of shops; Prepares a reserve to fill vacancies in shops.

Job Requirements

Resolutions, orders and other guiding and normative materials on technological preparation of production; Profile, specialization and features of enterprise structure; Prospects for technical development of flour-milling industry and enterprise, achievements of science and technology in field of flour production, rules of organization and management of technological process at mills, grain mills; Schemes of technological process of grain preparation for grinding; Technical characteristics, design features and modes of operation of equipment, rules of its operation; Requirements for grain and finished products, state and industry standards for grain and finished products; Means of mechanization and automation of production processes; Requirements of scientific organization of work during the design of technological processes of flour production; Provisions on certification and rationalization of jobs; The procedure for calculating the economic effect of introduction of innovation proposals and inventions; Basics of market economy, organization of production, labor and management.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Chief, Feeder