Chief Brewer Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'chief brewer' include: Provides the introduction of most advanced technology of beer production, technically feasible and cost-effective methods of conducting the technological process of brewing; Promotes the introduction of new advanced methods and quality management systems that ensure the production of high quality, competitive products while reducing its cost; Works on raising the professional level, participates in preparation of product and quality system certification; Participates in conducting experimental work aimed at introducing new technological processes in production, improving the technology of beer production; Controls the observance of technological discipline in shops and correct and rational operation of technological equipment; Manages the course of technological process, takes measures to improve the level of technological preparation of production, product quality; Ensures compliance with technological modes of production in main and auxiliary shops; Monitors the implementation of approved instructions and recipes for beer production; Provides production of beer according to established regulatory documentation and range; Studies the best domestic and foreign experience in field of beer production technology, develops and participates in implementation of measures to improve production efficiency, aimed at reducing the cost of raw materials and auxiliary materials, reducing losses of raw materials, finished products, containers in production; Participates in development of production plans, production costs and other indicators of plan; Analyzes the causes of shortage and production of low quality beer, participates in development of measures to eliminate and prevent them; Ensures compliance with proper sanitary regime at the enterprise at all stages of beer production; Together with production laboratory carries out constant control over the quality of incoming raw materials, auxiliary materials and semi-finished products, ensures their proper storage; Checks production logs, the condition of control and measuring devices, conducts briefings on organization and proper conduct of production processes; Considers innovation proposals to improve the technology of beer production and prepares conclusions about the feasibility of their use in enterprise; Maintains primary production records.

Job Requirements

Resolutions, orders and other guiding methodical and normative materials on technological preparation and organization of production; Theoretical bases of technology and microbiology of beer 'malt'; Beer production technology; Basic technological equipment and principles of its work; Prospects for technical development of enterprise; Technical characteristics and economic indicators of best domestic and foreign technologies, similar to those designed; Typical technological processes and modes of production; Technical requirements for raw materials, finished products; Standards and technical conditions; Standards for consumption of raw materials, fuel, energy; Types of marriage and ways to prevent it; Basics of invention; Guiding materials for development and design of regulatory documentation; Experience of advanced domestic and foreign enterprises in advanced beer production technology; Basics of economics and management; Labor legislation; Rules and norms of labor protection; Industrial sanitation and fire protection.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Chief, Brewer