Cardiologist Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'cardiologist' include: Provides specialized medical care to patients with cardiac profile, including emergency and urgent; Uses modern methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and medical examination; Supervises side effects / actions of drugs; Conducts consultations in areas of other specialists; Participates in anti-epidemic measures in event of an outbreak; Adheres to principles of medical deontology; Manages the work of paramedics; Plans the work and analyzes its results; Maintains medical records; Participates actively in dissemination of medical knowledge among the population on prevention of cardiovascular disease; Constantly improves his professional level.

Job Requirements

Current legislation on health care and regulations governing the activities of government agencies and health care institutions; Organization of therapeutic and cardiological services, ambulance and emergency care; Organization of intensive care and resuscitation services in cardiac clinic; Basics of law in medicine; Rights, duties and responsibilities of a cardiologist; Indicators of morbidity, temporary disability, disability, mortality and ways to reduce them; Basics of norm and pathology of anatomy and physiology of human organs and systems, water-electrolyte metabolism, acid-base balance, hemostasis; Pathogenesis of diseases of cardiovascular system; Clinic, diagnostics, differential diagnosis, methods of treatment, rehabilitation and examination of incapacity for work in cardiac diseases; General and special methods of examination in therapy and cardiology; Basics of pharmacotherapy in cardiac practice; Methods of physiotherapy and physical therapy; Indications and contraindications to sanatorium treatment; Modern classification of cardiac diseases; Basics of rational nutrition of a healthy and sick organism, principles of diet therapy in patients with cardiovascular diseases; Organization of work of medical-consultative and medical-social expert commissions; Rules of registration of medical documentation; Modern scientific literature and scientific-practical periodicals in specialty, methods of its analysis and generalization. indications and contraindications to sanatorium treatment.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Cardiologist