Evaporation Apparatus Technician Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'evaporation apparatus technician' include: Conducts the technological process of obtaining vapors or gases by evaporation of liquids or liquefied gases; Receives raw materials from storage in evaporators, heats raw materials, evaporates, cleans 'dries' vapors and gases; Regulates the evaporation process: temperature, pressure or vacuum, the level of raw materials in apparatus and other process parameters according to readings of measuring instruments and test results; Dispenses additional components; Transmits steam and gases to consumers or to warehouse; Takes samples; Cleans devices and communications; Serves evaporators, refrigerators, heaters, pumps, fans, collectors, communications and other equipment; Accounts for manufactured products; Prepares equipment for repair.

Job Requirements

Technological scheme of site being serviced; The essence of technological process and technological regime; The structure of equipment being serviced; Physico-chemical and technological properties of raw materials; Requirements for raw materials and finished products; Sampling rules, communication scheme.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Evaporation, Apparatus, Technician