Commercial Agent Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'commercial agent' include: Accepts cargo transportation documents and checks their correct registration; Keeps a book of arrival and departure of goods; Makes out transport documents and other established documentation; Notifies the consignors of permit to bring the goods to station, and consignee of arrival of goods at the station; Selects consignment notes and road information for loaded prefabricated cars and writes car letters; Compiles information on supply and cleaning of cars; Writes outfits and passes for removal of goods from the station; Keeps a book of information transfer to station technology center on loaded cars; Provides storage of documents of strict reporting.

Job Requirements

Rules of cargo and luggage transportation; Network plan for formation of prefabricated cars; The procedure for maintaining the established documentation, the form of cargo transportation documents, the rules of registration of orders and permits for export of goods, addresses and telephone numbers of senders and recipients of goods, the scheme of relevant transport network; Regulations on discipline of railway transport workers; Rules and regulations on labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire safety.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Commercial, Agent