Accounting Auditor Job Description

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Job Summary
Performs accounting audit work in companies, government agencies and other public or private institutions, carrying out investigations in documents, balances and accounts, assets, values and in various operations carried out, to certify the real equity and financial situation of institution
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'accounting auditor' include: Checks the institution's commercial, tax and auxiliary books, examining the records made, to verify the correspondence of entries to documents that gave rise to them; Investigates the accounting and financial operations carried out, checking checks, receipts, invoices and other documents, to prove accuracy; Checks existing assets and values, checking cash, titles and other documents, to compare them with records made; Checks the calculations made, based on book values, to ensure accuracy; Prepares partial and global reports of audit carried out, pointing out any failures found and certifying the institution's actual equity, economic and financial situation, to provide directors or shareholders with necessary accounting inputs for decision-making. carry out specific audits to investigate possible accounting irregularities in institution.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Accounting, Auditor