Chief Reclamation Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'chief reclamation' include: Supervises the implementation of reclamation and cultural works in economy, association, management; Develops and implements measures for efficient use of reclaimed land, advanced technologies and best practices for irrigation of crops in order to increase yields, increase productivity, reduce costs for crop production; Organizes the rational use of water resources of economy, association; Participates in development of long-term and annual plans for use of reclaimed land, as well as technological maps and self-supporting tasks of units; Makes a plan of water use, irrigation schedules; crops and monitors their implementation; Manages the units that carry out reclamation and cultural works; Provides the necessary mode of irrigation of fields according to developed schedules, and on drained lands - the necessary mode of drainage which provides optimum humidity of soil; Participates in drawing up plans for construction, reconstruction and overhaul of irrigation, drainage and irrigation systems, carrying out cultural and technical works on lands that don't require drainage, and monitors their implementation; Participates in development of design and estimate documentation for repair of in-house irrigation, drainage and watering networks, involves in its development specialized design organizations and monitors their work; Provides timely and high-quality repair and cleaning of on-farm reclamation network in order to maintain its constant technical condition; Participates in commissioning of reclaimed lands, as well as work on radical land improvement, field capital planning and cultural equipment; Ensures the preservation of reclamation network and hydraulic structures, controls the correct storage and operation of reclamation machines and irrigation equipment; Ensures compliance with environmental legislation; Carries out work on introduction of scientific organization of work, scientifically proved norms of production; Ensures the effective application of current pay regulations; Promotes and implements the achievements of science and best practices, promotes the development of invention and rationalization; Provides the rational organization of industrial and economic relations with reclamation enterprises and organizations in conditions of market economy; Controls the maintenance of appropriate accounting and reporting; Participates in organization of training and retraining; Controls the observance by workers of industrial and labor discipline, state and branch standards, rules and norms of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

Job Requirements

Laws, resolutions, orders, directives, decisions and other normative legal acts of bodies of state power and local self-government on issues of agro-industrial complex and land reclamation; Technology of reclamation and cultural works; Machinery and equipment of service; Achievements of science and advanced domestic and foreign experience in field of reclamation and cultural works and use of reclaimed lands; Basics of market economy, organization of production, labor, management; Current provisions on remuneration and basis of its rationing; Land, water and labor legislation; Rules and norms of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire protection; Environmental legislation.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Chief, Reclamation