Chief Biologist Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'chief biologist' include: Provides organizational and methodological guidance on production and application of biological plant protection products, determining the level of seed hybridity; Determines the need for biological plant protection products, their range, organizes the accounting of useful entomophages in natural conditions, maintenance and renewal of pure uterine cultures of beneficial insects and microorganisms, applications for industrial biological products and ensures their rational use in farms; Studies, promotes and implements the achievements of science and best practices in cultivation of crops without the use of chemicals, advanced production technologies and effective biological plant protection products; Participates in implementation of tasks of scientific and methodological developments; Studies the biological features of growing plants; Summarizes the results of surveys of crops to identify diseases and pests, determines their harmfulness, prepares conclusions and helps to organize the development of effective measures to control them; Controls the observance by employees of rules of environmental protection, rules and norms of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

Job Requirements

Laws, resolutions, orders, directives, decisions and other normative legal acts of bodies of state power and local self-government on issues of agro-industrial complex and biological plant protection; Entomology and phytopathology; Technology of production of microorganisms; Morphological features of main species of pests, biology of their development, standards for them; Methodical and normative documents on state control over the level of hybridity, seed type, seed production, harvesting, storage, use and sale of hybrid seeds and parental forms; Main provisions of state and international standards and methods for determining the level of hybridity, seed type; Basics of modern economic mechanism of production and management; Materials that determine the direction of development of biological protection of plants and national economy as a whole; Selection of crops and varietal studies; Current legislation on environmental protection, labor and land legislation; Rules and regulations of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Chief, Biologist