Acetylene Plant Generator Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'acetylene plant generator' include: Serves and repairs acetylene gas generators, installations or stations with a capacity of up to cubic meters per hour; Charges gas generators with calcium carbide and cleaners with cleaning mass; Unpacks drums with calcium carbide; Checks the water level in gates; Connects hoses and shut-off valves; Drains water that condenses in tubes and water purifiers; Monitors the operation of gas generators and gas quality; Weighs cylinders on scales; Dispenses gas cylinders; Disassembles gas generators during repairs.

Job Requirements

Basic knowledge of physics and chemistry about gases; Principles of obtaining acetylene from calcium carbide; Structure of acetylene gas generators, cleaners and water seals, rules of use of acetylene installations, properties of calcium carbide and rules of its storage; The structure of gasholder, capacity and maximum height of its rise; Terms of recharging of cleaners, purpose and conditions of application of control and measuring devices on served site; Rules for unpacking drums with calcium carbide.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Acetylene, Plant, Generator