Electronic Catalog Administrator and Coordinator Job Description

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Job Summary
Registers and regularly updates all goods of establishment, edits the prices of individual items in catalog, evaluates the turnover of goods according to individual categories at given intervals and compiles statistics and required reports.
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'electronic catalog administrator and coordinator' include: Records of goods and suppliers in central electronic catalog; Records of product composition and giving legal information necessary for sale of goods; Determination of prices of items and their revaluation according to categorization of goods; Setting and checking the trade margin for products; Checking and evaluating the profitability of sales of goods; Evaluation of turnover and efficiency of promotions; Analysis of sales turnover of goods according to categorization of goods; Checking the timeliness of items and optimizing the range in product catalog; Checking the amount of stocks of stored goods; Evaluation of sales and number of customers at retail or wholesale establishments; Control of inventories and stocks in storage areas; Administration and orientation in electronic catalog of goods.

Job Requirements

Inventory of stocks in business and operating unit; Orientation in delivery notes and other documents accompanying the goods; Records of suppliers of goods; Pricing and billing of sales according to internal regulations; Keeping administrative documentation in business and operational unit; Inventory and inventory of goods and materials in warehouse; Processing statistics of sales of products, goods or services of organization realized through an electronic catalog of goods; Administration of electronic catalog of goods; Orientation in catalog of products and goods; Receipt and completion of documents for creation and updating of price lists; Keeping inventory records.

Job Expertise

Wholesale operation; Retail operation; Acceptance of goods; Inventory; Basic economic indicators; Financial analysis, calculations and evaluation of economic indicators, economic balance; Price analysis, pricing policy, pricing.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Electronic, Catalog, Administrator, Coordinator