Dormitory Educator Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'dormitory educator' include: Conducts educational, cultural and mass and physical culture and health work with residents of dormitory, educates young people in spirit of collectivism, mutual assistance and respect for rules of coexistence; Helps to increase labor and social activity, cultural level of residents; Studies their interests and needs in order to improve living conditions and increase the content of leisure; Develops and implements long-term plans for educational work; Organizes lectures on achievements of science, technology, culture and art, meetings with war and labor veterans, creates groups of artistic and technical amateur art, sports sections, interest clubs, introduces rites and rituals, conducts reviews-competitions for high culture and public order in dormitory; Conducts thematic and holiday evenings, tourist trips, sports competitions, visits to museums, exhibitions, theaters, conducts work on crime prevention, the establishment of a healthy lifestyle; Keeps a journal of cultural and mass and physical culture and health work, takes measures to improve the efficiency of various forms and methods of this work, taking into account the contingent of residents; Controls the observance of proper order in dormitory; Provides a library, recreation rooms, supplies them with necessary equipment; Offers measures to improve the interior of hostel.

Job Requirements

Legislative acts, orders, normative, methodical and other guiding materials of higher level bodies on organization of educational work in dormitory; The main activities of enterprise, where the residents of dormitory work; Basics of ethics and aesthetics; Age pedagogy, psychology and hygiene; Forms and methods of educational activity, advanced experience in dormitories of other enterprises; Rites and rituals; Internal rules in dormitories; Standard norms and sanitary rules of equipment of dormitories, rules of fire safety.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Dormitory, Educator