Captain of Rescue Vessel Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'captain of rescue vessel' include: Supervises the personnel of emergency rescue vessel; Is responsible for its constant readiness for emergency rescue operations on water bodies, for actions on purpose in event of an emergency in waters and directly organizes the elimination of man-made accidents and catastrophes on water; Rescues people, rescues ships, property on them and eliminates the effects of water pollution by petroleum products and other harmful substances; Conducts special training and coaching of personnel to bring the rescue vessel in readiness for rescue and other work to prevent emergencies on water bodies; Interacts with other ground rescue units, which ensure the elimination of consequences of emergencies in waters; Organizes work on systematization, generalization of experience of carrying out emergency rescue operations on water and works on liquidation of consequences of such emergencies; Controls the state of professional training of personnel of rescue vessel to perform the assigned tasks; Provides the creation and maintenance of an information database on state of danger of water bodies and adjacent areas; Participates in development of draft operational plans for elimination of emergencies on water bodies, justifications, explanatory notes and reports; Collects, processes, analyzes and explains data on state of dangerous water bodies, identifies the causes, trends.

Job Requirements

Statutes, orders and directives, methodical, normative and other guiding materials that regulate the operation of emergency services on water bodies; Rescue vessels and equipment that are on equipment of emergency rescue units on water bodies; Requirements of current rules and instructions for prevention of emergencies on waters, the organization of emergency rescue operations in waters; Methods of forecasting scenarios of emergencies on water; Standard emergency response plans 'localization and elimination of emergencies and accidents'; Labor organization and management; Basics of labor legislation; Rules and norms of labor protection, safety, industrial sanitation, fire protection and environmental protection.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Captain, Rescue, Vessel