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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'commentator' include: Prepares materials for domestic and radio programs on domestic and international life; Prepares a statement of most important documents, materials of press and news agencies; Performs on air with an analysis of events and facts; Organizes and conducts tv and radio bridges; Goes to scene to cover events as a special correspondent; Participates in development of main directions of television 'radio broadcasting', forms, expands and renews the author's assets; Orders full-time and freelance authors to prepare the necessary materials; In the process of working with authors provides assistance in mastering the specifics of television 'radio', advises them on structure and content of material, the composition of participants in programs; Edits the materials submitted by the authors, ensures the accuracy of facts; Timely agrees with authors on necessary reductions, additions, changes, provides review of submitted materials; Makes proposals for acceptance or rejection of literary materials; Participates in discussion of author's works, acceptance of director's scripts 'explications' and finished programs; Draws up documentation for concluding agreements with authors; Organizes performances of participants of programs, edits their materials; Liaises with public and economic authorities, creative and public organizations.

Job Requirements

Current legislation on radio and television policy; Resolutions, orders and other normative documents regulating the activity of television, radio broadcasting, information on social and political events, state and prospects of development of economic, scientific and cultural life in country and abroad; Advanced domestic and foreign experience in organization of television 'radio'; Literary editing; Basics of copyright and labor legislation, economics, labor organization; Regulations and guidelines governing the activities of creative workers; Rules and regulations of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire safety.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Commentator