Apparatus Technician for Obtaining Dextrin Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'apparatus technician for obtaining dextrin' include: Participates in technological process of obtaining dextrin; Prepares starch for dextrinization: acidifies starch with hydrochloric acid or mixtures thereof with nitric acid or treats starch with aluminum salts in a special apparatus by spraying reagents with compressed air; dries acidified starch in special dryers, grinds, sifts and sends to device for dextrinization; Dispenses reagents depending on acidity of original starch and type of dextrin produced; Adheres to accuracy of dosing the number of reagents and evenly distributes them throughout the mass of starch according to readings of measuring instruments and visual observations; Controls and regulates the operation of mixers, automatic scales, brush mill, mixer, dryers; Takes samples; Starts and stops the equipment it serves.

Job Requirements

Technological mode of starch preparation for dextrinization; Quality requirements for chemicals and processed starch; Ways to preserve the quality of processed starch; Rules for sampling and handling of acids and reagent solutions.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Apparatus, Technician, Obtaining, Dextrin