Apparatus Technician for Making Invert Syrup Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'apparatus technician for making invert syrup' include: Conducts the technological process of sucrose inversion in inverter; Fills inverters with sugar syrup; Serves cold water in steam shell; Cools the sugar syrup to desired temperature; Controls and regulates the temperature of process; Dilutes the acid to a certain concentration in a special meter, turns on inverter stirrers and pours the acid solution; Controls the progress of sucrose inversion process; Carries out continuous sampling for laboratory analysis for content of reducing substances, regulates their content by introducing an additional amount of acid solution or invert syrup with a lower content of reducing substances; Prepares a solution of sodium bicarbonate, in compliance with a certain concentration in meter; Conducts the process of neutralization of invert syrup with an alkali solution; Takes samples; Determines the dry matter content in finished invert syrup using a refractometer; Pours invert syrup into collection with filtration; Detects and eliminates malfunctions in equipment; Cleans and washes equipment.

Job Requirements

The composition and properties of invert syrup and their dependence on temperature, duration of heat exposure, sugar solution concentration, properties and concentration of food acids used for inversion, the presence of impurities in invert solution 'sucrose inversion products'; Scheme and location of pipelines and equipment; Purpose and rules of use of control and measuring devices; Mode and technology of sucrose inversion; Structure of serviced equipment.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Apparatus, Technician, Making, Invert, Syrup