Assistant Dentist Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'assistant dentist' include: Uses modern methods of prevention and treatment of dental diseases; Works with a dentist as his assistant; Conducts a primary examination of maxillofacial area, diagnoses the disease and provides first aid in emergencies 'in the absence of a dentist'; Determines the condition of oral cavity and need for special research methods 'laboratory, radiological, cytological, etc.'; Analyzes radiographs of teeth and jaws; Carries out anesthesia, prepares materials for filling of channels, imposes medical bandages; Performs application and fusion of soft and hard tissues of oral cavity; Conducts orthopedic treatment of tooth hard tissues and periodontal diseases; Picks up impression spoons and prepares impression material for taking an impression, casts models, corrects removable prosthesis and orthodontic appliances; Carries out primary individual and mass prevention of dental diseases; Prescribes and stores pharmacological drugs, prepares mixtures, pastes and more for treatment in dentistry; Conducts postoperative care for patients with damage to maxillofacial area; Adheres to principles of medical deontology; Participates actively in dissemination of medical knowledge among the population on prevention of dental diseases; Maintains medical records; Constantly improves his professional level.

Job Requirements

Current legislation on health care and regulations governing the activities of health care institutions; Organization of dental care for population; Rights, duties and responsibilities of assistant dentist; Topographic anatomy of head, maxillofacial area; Anatomical, histological structure, functional and age features of teeth, periodontium and oral mucosa; Embryology of dental apparatus; Etiology, pathogenesis, clinic of major dental diseases; The impact of dental diseases on organs and systems of body; The importance of heredity in development of dental diseases; Special and auxiliary research methods; Basics of pharmacology in therapeutic dentistry; Application of physiotherapy in dental practice; Methods of anesthesia, intensive care and resuscitation in dentistry; Prevention of dental diseases, dental anomalies; Basics of human nutrition; Safety rules in dentistry; Rules of registration of medical documentation; Modern literature by profession.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Assistant, Dentist