Electromechanic of Telecommunication Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'electromechanic of telecommunication' include: Participates in ensuring reliable and high-quality operation of telecommunications; Participates in maintenance and repair of equipment and facilities for telegraph, long-distance, local telephone and wired broadcasting in accordance with rules and instructions for technical operation and other regulations; Participates in development of annual plans and schedules of work, maintenance and repair of equipment, switching and channel-forming telecommunications equipment, terminal telegraph equipment and more; Provides maintenance of equipment, the equipment and channels within the established operational and technical norms, detects and eliminates damages in control terms; Provides high-quality operation of alarm system; Performs channel inspection and maintenance work in accordance with schedules; Replaces damaged equipment with spare equipment in a timely manner; Supports the established operating modes of power supply equipment; Controls the operation of measuring instruments; Reports in accordance with established procedure on complex injuries and accidents, participates in their elimination; Identifies the causes of unstable operation of equipment of telegraph, long-distance, local telephone and wired broadcasting, prepares proposals for their elimination; Participates in development of new equipment and development of measures aimed at modernizing equipment; Participates in conducting linear tests and experimental operation of equipment and facilities, acceptance for operation of prototypes of new equipment, development of instructions for operation of new equipment; Studies individual production processes and prepares proposals for their improvement; Develops technological maps for maintenance of equipment and facilities; Maintains technical documentation; Submits innovation proposals with their practical use, keeps official and trade secrets; Participates in placing orders for spare parts, tools, operational and technical materials, keeps records of them and monitors their consumption; Collaborates with head of department for organization of safe and healthy working conditions; Manages the work of electricians, trains and helps them during complex repairs; Ensures compliance with rules and regulations of labor protection during repair work.

Job Requirements

Resolutions, orders, instructions, rules and instructions on technical operation of telecommunication facilities; Purpose and mode of operation of serviced technical means; Basic technical data, design features, functional diagrams of equipment and facilities; Main types of damage and ways to eliminate them; The procedure for registration and maintenance of technical documentation; Measuring equipment; Instructions for acceptance for operation of telecommunication facilities; Current distribution network diagram; Technological maps of parameter checks and equipment repairs; Indicators of quality of work of telecommunication means; Set deadlines for repairing damage; The principle of communication; Basic provisions, rules and instructions for certification of equipment and facilities; Norms of expenses of materials for operation of means of communication; Basics of economics, scientific organization of labor and organization of production; Basics of labor legislation.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Electromechanic, Telecommunication