Equipment Repair Engineer Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'equipment repair engineer' include: Provides trouble-free, reliable operation of equipment, mechanisms, vehicles; Participates in development of current tasks 'schedules' of repair and testing of equipment; Participates in development of measures to improve the quality of repair work, improve equipment operation, maintenance and increase the service life of equipment; Checks the quality of repair work, develops measures to reduce the time of repairs and reduce their cost, increase the stability of parts and components, prevent shortages and improve the quality of equipment repairs; Keeps records of equipment availability and makes changes to passport after its repair and modernization; Prepares materials for concluding contracts with contractors for major repairs of equipment; Participates in investigation of causes of equipment accidents and develops measures to prevent them; Analyzes the performance of equipment, studies the conditions of its operation, as well as individual components and parts in order to identify the causes of premature operation, maintains an album of drawings of parts that work quickly; Supervises the repair and testing of equipment, compliance with operating instructions, technological supervision; Develops normative materials for equipment repair 'service life of spare parts, nomenclature of parts that work quickly and variables, norms of lubricants, etc.'; Carries out constant control over carrying out repairs of equipment, inspection of vessels and load-lifting mechanisms and defectoscopy; Participates in preparation of annual applications for equipment, spare parts, fuels and lubricants, tools and materials for repair and maintenance needs; Participates in preparation of measures related to introduction of new standards, technical conditions for repair and installation of equipment; Carries out check of a technical condition of equipment and its acceptance from repair; Develops and participates in implementation of measures to improve production efficiency; Introduces a system of technical and accounting documentation that allows to control and prevent equipment failures, short-lived parts and their operation; Makes the established reporting.

Job Requirements

Resolutions, orders, orders, methodical, normative and other guiding materials on maintenance and repair of equipment; Organization of repair service at the enterprise; Technical characteristics, constructional properties, purpose and modes of operation of oil and gas equipment, rules of its technical operation; The procedure for drawing up tasks for repair work; The procedure for drawing up estimates for repairs, applications for equipment, materials, spare parts, tools, etc; Basics of economics, organization of production, labor and management; Basics of labor legislation; Rules and norms of labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Equipment, Repair, Engineer