Aviation Test Pilot Job Description

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Job Summary
Pilots aircraft in test flights, observing, testing and recording the general performance of various systems in take-off, flight and landing maneuvers, to verify their operating conditions, handling and safety
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'aviation test pilot' include: Studies the characteristics of tests, maneuvers and tests to be carried out, examining the flight plan and other instructions, to guide itself in execution; Inspect the airplane, verifying the functioning of different systems, mechanisms and instruments, to make sure that no defects are registered in same; Starts the plane, activating the engine controls, in order to position for flight; Tests the plane in take-off operations, activating the departure commands, to make sure the perfect functioning of powertrain systems, the resistance of structures and other operational conditions; Performs maneuvers and variable altitudes and speeds, moving the rudder controls, flaps and other components of direction and depth systems, to prove the aircraft's strength and maneuverability; Observes the indicators, measuring devices and other instruments on dashboard, checking operation, to behave and accurately record the operations of different systems and mechanisms of plane; Tests other navigation devices and instruments, using them and evaluating performance, to determine compliance with standards and specifications; Tests the aircraft in landing operations, evaluating the maneuverability of flaps and rudder, operation of landing gear, brakes and other elements, to make sure that safety requirements are met.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Aviation, Test, Pilot