Aircraft Rigger Job Description

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Job Summary
Installs connection cables in cockpits, helms, rudders, elevators and other elements of aircraft, guided by plans and distribution and passage schemes, to enable the maneuverability of these aircraft
Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'aircraft rigger' include: Studies the characteristics of facilities, consulting diagrams and plans, to guide in carrying out the task; Selects cables, guides, hooks and other materials to be used, examining condition, to ensure perfect condition and adaptation to specifications place pulleys, guides and hooks on plane's rudder, wings and fuselage, providing them them and fixing them with tools and devices, according to technical specifications, to allow the passage of cables; Install the control cables, stretching them through the pulleys and holes and fixing the ends to moving parts of plane, to allow the aircraft to maneuver; Tests the aircraft controls, activating them properly, to verify operation and identify possible failures; Make the necessary adjustments.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Aircraft, Rigger