Advertising Agent Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'advertising agent' include: Carries out as an intermediary work on representation and promotion of goods, services, commercial ideas for implementation of comprehensive measures aimed at promoting their implementation or achieving other marketing objectives, adhering to current ethical standards for advertising goods and services; Concludes contracts or agreements between the principal and intermediary, which determine the nature and scope of work to be performed at the expense and on behalf of principal, as well as their payment under current tariffs or terms of contract 'agreement'; Informs potential buyers and consumers about new products, services, ideas, revealing their specific features that aren't specific to others, the practical use of advertising objects, convincing them that this product 'service, idea' he needs; When conducting advertising work refers to opinion of a prestigious buyer or consumer, takes into account the solvency of different groups; Compiles and submits appropriate reports in a timely manner; Encourages the consumer to re-purchase the product and seek services; Distinguishes the object of advertising from the many messages circulating in media, characterizes it with additional distinctive consumer qualities, advantages in market of goods and services, creating demand and encouraging buyers and consumers to enter into agreements; Takes measures to ensure the participation of potential buyers and consumers in presentations of goods and services, as well as fairs, exhibitions, tours of enterprises that manufacture the advertised products; Carries out work to promote the manufacturer, its commercial relations, the principles underlying its activities, aimed at forming a friendly attitude of buyers and consumers and ensuring the prestige of advertiser; Conducts explanatory work among buyers and consumers of goods on guarantees, rights and ways to protect their interests; Participates in implementation of long-term plans for preparation and placement of advertising, taking into account the nature of demand 'uniform or seasonal' for goods and services, improving methods of its implementation, as well as work to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with advertising; Establishes contact with media on advertising; He studies the advanced domestic and foreign experience in organization of advertising work, mastering new types of advertising that ensure the celebration and promotion of advertising object in domestic and foreign markets of goods and services; Interacts with other advertising agents.

Job Requirements

Regulations, regulations, instructions, other guiding materials and documents related to trade activities; Advertising legislation; Types of advertising and basics of advertising; Prospects for development of industry, enterprises, institutions, organizations that produce advertised products and provide services; Nomenclature and range of products manufactured and services provided, their main characteristics; Requirements of potential buyers 'customers' for products and services; Current price tags and price lists; Basics of communication with media, techniques and methods of business communication and negotiation; Basics of psychology; Basics of labor legislation.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Advertising, Agent