Deputy Director for Personnel Management Job Description

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Job Responsibilities

Main job duties of 'deputy director for personnel management' include: Organizes the management of formation, use and development of personnel of enterprise on basis of maximum realization of labor potential of each employee; Leads the work on formation of personnel policy, determining its main directions in accordance with strategy of enterprise development and measures for its implementation; Participates in development of business plans of enterprise to provide its labor resources; Organizes research, development and implementation of a set of plans and programs to work with staff to attract and retain employees of required specialties and qualifications based on use of scientific methods of forecasting and planning staffing needs, taking into account the balanced development of industrial and social spheres, rational use of human resources, taking into account the prospects of its development and expansion of independence in modern economic conditions; Carries out work on formation and preparation of a reserve of personnel for promotion to management positions on basis of career planning policy, the creation of a system of continuous staff training; Organizes and coordinates the development of a set of measures to increase the motivation of workers of all categories based on implementation of flexible policies of material incentives, improving working conditions, increasing its content and prestige, streamlining structures and staffs, strengthening labor discipline; Defines directions of work on management of social processes at the enterprise, creation of a favorable social and psychological climate in collective, stimulation and development of forms of participation of workers in management of manufacture, creation of social guarantees, conditions for establishment of a healthy lifestyle, increasing the content of use of free time of workers in order to increase their labor potential; Provides organization and coordination of research to create a regulatory framework for personnel management, study and generalization of best practices in standardization and organization of labor, personnel evaluation, professional selection and career guidance, implementation of methodological and regulatory developments in practice; Monitors compliance with labor legislation in working with staff; Advises senior managers as well as department heads on all personnel issues; Provides periodic preparation and timely submission of analytical materials on social and personnel issues at the enterprise, makes forecasts of staff development, identifies problems that arise, and prepares possible solutions; Provides continuous improvement of personnel management processes of enterprise based on introduction of socio-economic and socio-psychological management methods, advanced technologies of personnel work, creation and maintenance of personnel data bank, standardization and unification of personnel documentation, use of computer equipment, communications and communication; Provides methodological guidance and coordination of structural units of enterprise, which provide personnel management; Organizes the necessary accounting and reporting; Language.

Job Requirements

Legislative and normative legal acts, methodical materials on labor and social development; Goals, development strategy and business plan of enterprise; Profile, specialization and features of enterprise structure; Methods of planning and forecasting staff needs; Methods of analysis of quantitative and qualitative composition of employees; System of labor standards, labor and social standards; The procedure for concluding employment contracts, tariff agreements and regulation of labor disputes; Labor legislation; Economics, sociology and psychology of labor; Modern theories of personnel management and its motivation; Forms and systems of remuneration, its stimulation; Methods of evaluating employees and results of their work; Advanced technologies of personnel work; Standards and unified forms of personnel documentation; Basics of production technology; Economics and organization of production; Means of computer technology, communications and communication; Rules and regulations on labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire protection.

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Category: Job Descriptions, Tags: Deputy, Director, Personnel, Management