Water Plant Pump Operator Job Description

This water plant pump operator job description sample helps you to know the main job duties and responsibilities required to post a job or create a profile. View our simple job description for water plant pump operator example.

Sample Water Plant Pump Operator Job Description Profile

Job Title

Water Plant Pump Operator


1) Operates pumping equipment to transfer raw water to treatment plant, or distribute processed water to residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

2) Turns valves, pulls levers and flips switches to operate control turbine- or motor-driven pumps that transfer water from reservoir to treatment plant, or to transfer processed water to consumer establishments.

3) Reads flowmeters & gauges to regulate equipment according to water consumption demand.

4) Inspects equipment to detect malfunctions, like pump leaks or worn bearings.

5) Repairs lubricates equipment, using handtools.

6) Records data, like utilization of equipment, power consumption, and water output in log.

7) May operate equipment to treat process raw water [Water-Treatment-Plant Operator ].

8) May test water for chlorine content, alkalinity, acidity, or turbidity to define potability of water, following color analysis standards.

9) May operate hydroelectric equipment to generate power..

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